Fable 3

Fable 3 Media

 I've added images, music, and wallpapers, from the latest game in the Fable series, Fable 3.  Be sure to check it out!



Fable 3 Media

Filed on November 20 2010 - Fable 3

Icon representing Fable 3

 I've added images, music, and wallpapers, from the latest game in the Fable series, Fable 3.  Be sure to check it out!


New Atelier Section

Filed on August 26 2010 - Atelier Totori

Icon representing Atelier Totori

 I've added a separate Atelier section to cover Ateleier Rorona and its sequel, Atelier Totori.  Since Atelier Iris seems to be a slightly different series, I have kept this separate as well.  However, you can now find music and images from all these games in their respective secti...

Forums Back Online

Filed on August 08 2010 -

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 After a long hiatus, the site forums are now back online at  This also means that you can log in again to create playlists and so forth.  However, any playlists that you created before the re-debut may need be created once more.


Last Ranker Media

Filed on August 08 2010 - Last Ranker

Icon representing Last Ranker

 I've added media from the new PSP game, Last Ranker, to the site.  I was only able to find one wallpaper, but you can find a lot of images and music from the game in their respective sections


Xenoblade Media

Filed on June 28 2010 - Xenoblade

Icon representing Xenoblade

 I've added 84 images and music from Monolith's newest game on the Wii: Xenoblade.  Head over to the Xenosaga section to check it out


Luminous Arc Media

Filed on May 31 2010 - Luminous Arc

Icon representing Luminous Arc

 I have added music and wallpapers from the Luminous Arc series online.  You'll find new sections for Luminous Arc 1-3 throughout the website.


Arc Rise Fantasia Media

Filed on April 06 2010 - Arc Rise Fantasia

Icon representing Arc Rise FantasiaAs promised, I've added yet another update this week with new media from Arc Rise Fantasia. You can now find images, wallpapers, and the game's soundtrack throughout the site. Be sure to check out the Arc Rise Fantasia section for details....

Final Fantasy 13 OST

Filed on April 03 2010 - Final Fantasy XIII

Icon representing Final Fantasy XIIIIt's been a while since my last update, but I've added the Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack in the site. Expect more to come within the next few days...

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope Media

Filed on June 22 2009 - Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope

Icon representing Star Ocean 4: The Last HopeIt's been a while, but I've added images and music from Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope to the site.  Expect another release tomorrow morning....

Check this out

Filed on April 30 2009 -

Icon representing Sometimes video games can be frustrating, but this guy is an idiot.  Here's a reminder to keep calm during video games (Rated PG13):

The Last Remnant Media

Filed on February 25 2009 - The Last Remnant

Icon representing The Last RemnantI've added images, wallpapers, and music from one of Square-Enix's latest RPGs, The Last Remnant. One of the interesting things about this game is that it's one of the few games they've released on the PC platform....

Silent Hill Homecoming Media

Filed on February 25 2009 - Silent Hill: Homecoming

Icon representing Silent Hill: HomecomingI've added images, wallpapers, and music from Silent Hill: Homecoming. This is the first of many recent updates to come for quite some time....

Persona 4 Giveaway

Filed on December 26 2008 - Persona 4

Icon representing Persona 4To celebrate Atlus' latest Shin Megami Tensei release, we're giving away three Persona 4 prize packs! The "fan pack" contains a Charcoal Persona 4 t-shirt and 2009 calendar, the "art pack" contains the Japanese and North American Persona 4 art books, and the "play pack"...

Tales of Vesperia Media

Filed on September 30 2008 - Tales of Vesperia

Icon representing Tales of VesperiaWe may be a bit overdue, but the Tales of Vesperia section has recently been added to the site featuring the usual collection of media. However, this time you the chance to create your own wallpapers using exclusive media from the game on the Tales of Vesperia Wallpaper Contest. Winners get a free XBox 360. Check it out at ...

Keeping Our Persona Up To Date

Filed on July 25 2008 - Persona 4

Icon representing Persona 4Excuse the bad pun, but I've updated the Persona media to include Persona 3: Fes and Persona 4. Both sections now feature screenshots from the games in addition to their respective Original Soundtracks. The Persona 4 section also includes the official wallpapers....

Devil May Cry 4 Original Soundtrack

Filed on July 25 2008 - Devil May Cry 4

Icon representing Devil May Cry 4You may remember me saying a while ago that the "Special Soundtrack" was the only one available for Devil May Cry 4? Well, it looks like I was wrong, and someone actually pointed this out to me around that time. However, I didn't really have anything to show for it, until now that is. The Devil M...

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